Living for Love is a participatory lecture-performance fusing lofty thought with pop culture, seriousness of purpose with dancefoolery, rage with joy. Join us for a raucous, ranty, philosophical deep dive into the hidden cunning of contemporary American patriarchy. Dancing shoes suggested. Writing pad provided.

The Feminist Devil is excited to offer this live multimedia event to organizations around the country.


  • Badass creative disruptive productive visionaries who want to connect with others of this tribe

  • All who are women-identified, trans, non-binary, or allied CIS males and wish to take their gender-based awareness, agency, interpersonal skills, creative output and/or activism to a new level; all who identify as “feminist”

  • Those who are curious about feminist philosophy and need a helping hand understanding it

  • Those who want to move beyond social media reactivity and mainstream media inadequacy, suspect there’s a deeper understanding of what American culture is going through, and want to unravel the operations of social and psychological oppression more precisely

  • Those with a fever for creating/changing culture, guarding against macho backlash, and moving toward a healing, egalitarian, collaborative and sharing society

The Feminist Devil is Bringing Feminist Philosophy to the People

Beyond reactivity, despair, disbelief, and depression – beyond our sense of daily collective trauma – there’s a playful, fertile land filled with mind-expanding ideas about what is happening to us, how we got here, and how we can get out. Most people don’t know about these ideas because our media machines keep things simple and safe for patriarchy. So do our universities. Yet just on the other side of the tracks lie emancipatory treasures waiting for us all….

We don’t need no university. Philosophy is a resource already there for everyone. Let’s free ourselves together and invent fresh forms of living and loving. We can do it!

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Who is the Feminist Devil?

Meet Dr. Amy S. Morgenstern
(AKA: The Feminist Devil)

A mini-performance of Living for Love

Hope and Resistance Party, San Francisco, November 10, 2018