About Dr. Amy S. Morgenstern



Amy S. Morgenstern has been questioning the conventional order of things for a long time – first as a student activist in her native New York, then as a PhD student in Memphis, and later as a philosophy professor in Ohio – awakening her students, both male and female, to the freeing powers of intersectional feminist philosophy. Since relocating to the Bay Area in 2007, she’s earned an MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute and founded her own consulting business, leading a team of creative professionals who empower Bay Area teens and young adults.

Throughout her years as a professor and consultant, Amy has changed many lives. Now it is time to change culture. Having returned to her guiding passion – feminist philosophy – she's bursting with excitement to share its emancipatory treasures with all co-lovers of the world. Amy's practice is currently focused on exploding feminist theory out of the confines of the academy and sharing it with the general public through multimedia performance art. When she’s not scheming about the transformation of patriarchy into a more evolved, egalitarian social formation, Amy hikes and plays with her rescue shepherd, Loba.

living for love collaborators

Fueled by friendship and a shared passion for emancipatory creative production, Living for Love is a collaborative, community-building hub of cultural invention and connection. Please meet the incredible artists who collaborate on Living for Love. 



Darshania provides the rad feminist party with a curated playlist and adds to Amy’s performance with extra multimedia touches throughout. She collaborates with Amy on the sound environment of Living for Love. Don’t miss the post-lecture party, hosted by DJ Darshania!

Darshania is an artist, writer and DJ. Raised in California, she travels the world with her craft, continually adding to her artist toolkit. In New York, she became a Certified Audio Engineer and landed a hosting gig at some of the hottest showcases of up-and-coming talent. Upon her return to Cali, she took advanced Pro Tools Courses and Audio Production and began composing. Darshania’s productions have been featured in documentaries and commercials. In the early 2000's, she became a DJ and formed "Riddims Couture" with fellow lady Deejay Bella. They went on to host some of the most body-rocking parties highlighting women artists in the Bay Area. Wherever Darshania plays, she guarantees flavor and a dose of freshness.

IG @Darshania

Mixes: https://m.mixcloud.com/darshania/



If it’s visual, it is the work of Marithza! Marithza takes Amy’s ideas and translates them into a visual environment for Living for Love by designing the website, the lecture deck, and lecture handouts.

Marithza is a graphic artist and an American Studies major with an emphasis in Design and Culture at UC Berkeley. She leads workshops so non-traditional students can learn how to build and illustrate their own narratives through art.

She loves to draw her own comic strips. She also loves biking, museums, and exploring the city on public transportation.



Dancing, soaring, surfing, gliding, or simply posturing? These “humanimals” show us what a groovy party the journey to the other side of sexism can look like. Created by artist Cristine Blanco, the Living for Love cover art contains symbolic references to thematic aspects of Amy’s lecture-performance. It is the product of some deep exchanges between Amy and Cristine on the nature of human identity, gender, community, courage, power, and love.

Cristine Blanco is a multi-disciplinary artist based in the Bay Area. Her work re-imagines past, present and future spaces. She is interested in finding new possibilities through experimentation in the form of video, sculpture and painting.

Follow on instagram - [@cblanco]

or visit - www.cristineblanco.com